launchImageLibrary function on react-native-image-picker not launching on Android SDK 30

I am facing a problem when calling launchImageLibrary on React Native app.

react-native-image-picker version 4.0.6 – latest Android compileSdkVersion = 30, targetSdkVersion = 30

It worked well on SDK version 29 and react-native-image-picker 3.4, but Playstore requirement was updated to 30. So, I updated the SDK version and had “Activity error”. So, I thought it is react-native-image-picker version issue, I updated it to 4.0.6

But still, I am having selectionLimit error. Could anyone help me to fix this error? selectionLimit error


You should set selectionLimit option when calling launchImageLibrary function.

Try this.

    selectionLimit: 0
  }, response => {