Loop over an array of ids and make a separate request each time

I have an api endpoint such as this and I need to make a put request to this endpoint.


The problem i’m having is my form contains a multi-list, react select list that allows users to select as many groups as they want and so everytime a user selects a group I’m storing the groups id in local state but my api endpoint only takes in one group id. The solution I think is too loop over the group ids and do separate requests. Can someone guide me on how to achieve this solution or is there a better solution?

My Code:

    const AddUserToGroupPage = () => {
       const [currentUserId, setCurrentUserId] = useState('');
       const [GroupIds, setGroupIds] = useState([]); 

       const { inviteUserToGroup } = useUserGroupApi();

      const InviteExistingUser = async () => {
        const body = {};
        const res = await inviteUserToGroup({
          id: groupIds,
          userId: currentUserId,
        return res;

      const onGroupsSelected = (selected) => {
        if (selected) {
          setGroupIds(selected.map((select) => select.value));

      return (
                label="User Groups"
                placeholder="Select as many groups as you want"


I think you can achieve what you want like this:

const InviteExistingUser = async () => {
    const body = {};
    return await Promise.all(
        groupIds.map((groupID) => {
            return inviteUserToGroup({
                id: groupID,
                userId: currentUserId,

In this code, the call to groupIds.map() will return a list of Promises that each resolve to the return value from a call to inviteUserToGroup (one result for each group ID).

Then you can pass that list to Promise.all, which returns a Promise that resolves to a list of results. So basically you go from Promise<result>[] (a list of promises) to Promise<result[]> (a promise for a list).

Then you can await that Promise, at which point you end up with a list of results for all the calls to inviteUserToGroup.