React.js: How to show base64 image with ImageField of react-admin

How to show base64 image with ImageField of react-admin?

I used following code but it is not work:

import * as React from "react";
import { List, Datagrid, TextField, EmailField, UrlField ,ImageField} from 'react-admin';

export const RequestList = props => (
    <List {...props} >          

        <Datagrid  >
           <TextField source="id" />
           <ImageField  source={``}  />

Thanks for reading everyone!


You’ve used ImageField incorrectly. The source property of ImageField refers to a key in a record, and this behaves like a pointer in C.

In the following example, the record is { id: 123, url: 'cat.png', title: 'meow' }. ImageField will lookup a value in the record by key url and use that value cat.png for the src of the .


import { ImageField, TextField } from "react-admin";
import data from "./data";

<ImageField record={data} source="url" title="title" />
// data = { id: 123, url: 'cat.png', title: 'meow' } 

output html after rendering

    <img src="cat.png" title="meow" />

This demo shows a cat with ImageField in the page.
ImageField demo