Real world React.js And Vue.js applications / tutorial [closed]

can somebody suggest real world tutorials / example on react.js vue.js applications. The ones I find on youtube are too basic and lack logic. A real-world application consists of an admin dashboard and frontend. The tutorials you find on youtube are just basic crud applications.

is it just me or the kind of tutorials you find youtube are too basic and they lack logic ? because of this I find it really hard to learn and master new technologies. I struggled to learn and master web development even, coz there was too much basic tutorials out there but none of them were based on real world applications. It took me some time, and combining information from different sources to be able to build real world applications in php and be job ready.

Like when you work as a web developer you won’t be building crud applications. You’ll be building real applications with admin backend and frontend with business logic. I’m not roasting what programming channels do though. I think they they are doing a wonderful job and they still help us in a way. But I feel like there’re few tutorials online that are based on real world projects. I’d like to hear somebody’s opinion on this.

I’m even thinking of starting my own youtube channel that will strictly be based on real world applications like e-commerce stores, Item ordering sites, classifieds sites, property listing sites etc


The React website has a few good examples listed, the University of Helsinki also released a pretty solid introduction to web development website.

However, with those two basic examples listed, that’s exactly what they are: basic. They’re very simple examples to get people started with React (there are a ton of equivalents for Vue as well) and React alone. I think the issue you may be facing here is that the scope of the projects you’re looking to see is a bit out of scale for what a basic React or Vue tutorial would have. This could even just be a problem with the specific wording that you’re using, as there are a ton of great full stack projects utilizing React or Vue that you can find online. Examples of that may include looking through resources like Awesome Open Source’s full stack open source projects list or some projects like Free Code Camp’s full stack blog may be up your alley if you’re looking for something to take you through piece by piece.