return statement inside a promise in a loop is not working

const renderPicCards=()=>{
    return => {  
          <PicCard imageUri={element.uri} key={} Temperature={result.Temperature} />
        .catch((err)=>{console.log('error is',err)})  


here the return statement is not working; asyncstorage will result in a promise..what am i doing wrong here? i basically want a list of cards whose one prop is being fetched fro asyncstorage library


i solved this problem by fetching the async data inside the subcomponent piCard instaed of in the main component like this and it works fine..Thanks 🙂

`function picCard(props) {
const [details,setdetails]=useState(null);
useEffect(() => {
  }).catch((err)=>{console.log('error is',err)});
}, [])
...more code

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