Routes not working as desired in React JS

I am trying to build a full stack application with User login/logout functionality.

I want to protect certain pages such that they can only be viewed when the user is logged in. For login I have created a REST API and I am using session storage to keep track of whether the user is logged in or not.

validateUser = () => {

        let user = { 

            password: this.state.password,
            //status: "LOGGED_IN"
        UserService.authenticateUser(user).then((res) => {
            if( === 'SUCCESS') {
                window.sessionStorage.setItem("isUserLogged", true);

            } else if( === 'FAILURE') {
                window.sessionStorage.setItem("isUserLogged", false);
                this.setState({"error":"Invalid username or password"});

Tis is my App.js

function App() {

  return (

          <div className="container">
              <Route path="/" exact component={LandingPageComponent}></Route>
              {/* <Route path ="/customers" component = {ListCustomerComponent}></Route> */}
              {/* <Route path ="/add-customer/:id" component = {CreateCustomerComponent}></Route> */}
              <Route path = "/view-customer/:id" component = {ViewCustomerComponent}></Route>
              <Route path = "/admin-login" component = {AdminLoginComponent}></Route>
              <Route path = "/admin-register" component = {AdminResgisterComponent}></Route>

              <Route path="/customers" exact render={() => (
                window.sessionStorage.getItem("isUserLogged") === "true"
                ? <ListCustomerComponent />
                : <Redirect to='/admin-login' />
              )} />

              <Route path="/add-customer/:id" exact render={() => (
                window.sessionStorage.getItem("isUserLogged") === "true"
                ? <CreateCustomerComponent />
                : <Redirect to='/admin-login' />
              )} />


export default App;

Everything works fine if I don’t check my session storage. But when I try to implement the conditional routes as shown above I start getting errors.


If I just put simple routes, then I don’t encounter this error.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


You didn’t pass Route props into your component. So history does not included in props, you can console.log(this.props) to check what this.props contains.

To fix it, let’s pass Route props into your components

<Route path="/add-customer/:id" exact render={(props) => (
   window.sessionStorage.getItem("isUserLogged") === "true"
   ? <CreateCustomerComponent {...props} /> // ADD PROPS HERE
   : <Redirect to='/admin-login' />
} />