Select field in Material-UI onMenuScrollToBottom property

I’m using select field from Material-UI and I want when I scroll to the bottom of the menu to call an API to append some new options.

In react-select library there is a onMenuScrollToBottom property which is used for this reason but in the Material-UI select field I don’t see such a prop. Do you know how can I implement this functionality? I’m using import { SelectField } from 'redux-form-material-ui';



MUI Select does not have onMenuScrollToBottom props, but you can listen to the scroll event and detect when the the user reaches the bottom using this simple code:

    PaperProps: {
      onScroll: (event) => {
        const listEl = event.currentTarget;
        if (
          listEl.scrollTop + listEl.clientHeight >=
        ) {
          console.log("scroll to bottom!");

Live Demo

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