Bash Script – initiate remote X redirected application

Perhaps I am using the wrong keywords to find an answer to this requirement.

I have a GUI installed on a remote linux system that use remote connecting into it and initiating the application with X redirection, like this:

ssh -Y [email protected]
cd /home/user.known/TheAppDir/
sh ./ApplicationCommand

with the above I have the GUI displayed on my local linux from the aServer

My question is – how can I write a bash on my local linux that would initiate the process above in one go? Ideally, I want to run a bash script like:


And I have the GUI running locally as a result?


If you create the file aServer.ApplicationCommand (don’t forget the chmod +x to make it executable) and place in it:

ssh -Y [email protected] "cd /home/user.known/TheAppDir/ ; sh ./ApplicationCommand"

This should work. You will still be prompted for a password unless you have ssh keys configured.


SSH can be used strictly to run a command rather than return a session by placing the command after the SSH command. Essentially when doing this it opens a session, runs the provided command and then closes it.

Because you want multiple commands to be executed we simply place a semi-colon between to separate them and enclose in quotations so it remains an argument to the SSH command.


Rename the script to aServer and change the script to:

ssh -Y [email protected] "cd /home/user.known/TheAppDir/ ; sh ./$1"

and call it using aServer ApplicationCommand, the advantage to this is if you have multiple scripts in TheAppDir that you want to call you just change the argument.

I think you can even still capture $? to see if the script executed properly and create an error message if the file was not found, but you’d have to test that.

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