Could not execute a Bash Script if / while

I would like if someone points out mistakes in my script. The source where I’m learning from is so buggy that’s why it’s confusing me.

PURPOSE OF THIS SCRIPT: It will count the numbers from whatever number the user enters to number 1


echo -n Enter a number

read number

if (($number > 0))  ; then

index = $number

while [ $index => 1 ]  ; do

echo $index



ERROR IT GIVES: index: command not found


  • index = $number cannot use spaces around = for variable assignment.. use index=$number or ((index = number))
  • [ $index => 1 ] I suppose you want to check if index is greater than or equal to 1, use [ $index -ge 1 ] or ((index >= 1))
  • why is the break statement used? it is used to quit loop
  • also the if statement is not required
  • you can also use read -p option to add message for user

putting it all together:


read -p 'Enter a number: ' number

while ((number >= 1)) ; do
    echo $number

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