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I am learning shell scripting for my introductory UNIX course at my university, and I`m curious if is it possible to have more than one shell script in one text file. What I mean by that is, for example in pascal when you have:


//another program which will be ignore

compiler ignores anything after the end with period. Can something like this be done with Shell? I`m asking because I have to go through lot of Shell examples and having many files opened is not very handy, with this I could run the same script without worrying about u+x permissions and just run the script with same name anytime I go to the next code example. So it is possible to have something that will say: end, do not read any further. ? Thank you in anvance for answering this silly question.


For said purpose – that is stopping the script at any given line – you could simply use exit to break at this point. For any real life application this would seem a little crude though but for learning purposes it should fit.



# now I am working here

# this is old, do not execute

# this is even older, do not execute
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