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I’am trying to write a small script to create an JSON File. I have to store SSL Certificates inside this json, so i have to convert the CRT/KEY file to the required format.

Is there a Solution to store the result of:

cat $domain.key | sed s/$/\n/ | tr -d 'n'

inside an Variable (bash.script)

input_key=`cat $domain.key | sed s/$/\n/ | tr -d 'n'`

Does not run the “sed” after the cat (-:


This’ll do it:

input_key=$(cat ${domain}.key | sed 's/$/\n/' | tr -d 'n')

The sed is running in your example, but I believe something in the regex bits are getting interpreted by the shell. You simply need to wrap the regex in single quotes to avoid any shell interpretation. The following also works:

input_key=`cat ${domain}.key | sed 's/$/\n/' | tr -d 'n'`
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