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I’m trying to remove some patterns from a file input string (parsing file line by line). Here is a sample string:

1: (10/17 12:49:31.175) - CONSTANT ID1 - CONSTANT ID2: RAW DATA OUT     > [0x00,0xa2,…,0x00] 

And I want the output to be something like the following:

(12:49:31.175): RAW DATA OUT : [0x00,0xa2,…,0x00]

I have been trying to use egrep or sed but no luck so far, just keep getting errors or some “unterminated substitute pattern” error. Here is and example of what I have tried:

echo $line | sed -e 's/.*s([0-9]*:[0-9]*:[0-9]*.[0-9]*)'

Any help would be appreciated. I’m usually more of a batch file guy instead of bash on my Mac OS/X.


I should mention, I’m reading a file as such:

while read line

Then I want to perform any actions on line for every line in the file.


You can also call perl from bash. The -n arg makes it loop for each line. -e means the script is one line.

cat in.txt | perl -ne 's{.*(.*().*? (.*) -.*(:.*?)ss+.*([.*)}{$1$2$3 : $4};'
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