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Using heredoc to execute multi-line commands on a remote machine. Trying to get pid of a server to kill that server located in the remote machine


read -p "For HOST RESTART press 1" num
if [ "$num" == "1" ]
    ssh -t -t $HOST_IP << 'EOSSH'
    line=$(pgrep -f host_server1)
    echo $line
    sudo kill -9 "${arr[1]}"

Error : kill: (15015) – Operation not permitted


Since you have pgrep it is highly likely that you also have pkill.

Using pgrep and then kill introduces a theoretical race condition. Using pkill removes the race condition (from the script), and also avoids having to use a variable to hold the PIDs:

ssh -t -t "$HOST_IP" pkill -f host_server1

or, if you wanted to send the KILL signal:

ssh -t -t "$HOST_IP" pkill -KILL -f host_server1

Note that with -f, pgrep and pkill will match the pattern against the whole command line, not just the process name.

With -n and -o, the newest or the oldest (respectively) of the matching processes will be affected. Thus, if you want to KILL the newest host_server1 and nothing else:

ssh -t -t "$HOST_IP" pkill -KILL -n -f host_server1
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