Draw RectF on canvas

I have a view(Calendar) that contains multiple Rects(Events) drawn on it, now I am trying to implement drag/drop as another layer on top of that view. Example- I long-press on an event, it passes me …

Fast paths drawing

I make a paint app that use array of finger paths for drawing them on screen. now by paths array increasing, app work and draw slower than past. What ways you recommend for its faster drawing?

Why is the onDraw Not Being Called in Custom View for Android?

I am developing in Android Canvas. But the onDraw() has not called after invalidate(); In the layout.xml

How to create Bitmap form Drawable object

I am developing custom view for android. For that I want give a user ability to select and image using just like when using ImageView In attr.xml I added bellow code.

Erase drawing in canvas

I have written an Android application with a Canvas for drawing with a stylus. It works well. When I’m pushing the upper function key of my stylus I would like to erase the drawing by brushing over …

Android Movable Line Chart

I want to implement draggable line chart for android. • This is exactly i want to I have referred many charts library like mpandroid, android-plot, hz-graphview among all line charts are static. P….