At what time of day are advance bookings opened for the New York Federal Reserve

Every time I try to make a reservation, every available slot is full. This makes me think the slots fill up within potentially as little as half an hour or less after they first become available.

In light of this it seems like the best way to successfully schedule something would be to check right after slots become available. Unfortunately, I do not know when this is.

Do slots become available at a consistent time or is it all over the place? It doesn’t seem to me like it’s consistent. I’ve seen new slots (eg. thirty days out) appear as being full at 12:15am CST and sometimes they’re not even listing slots, full or otherwise, even at 10am, but then when I check at 10pm they’re full. Maybe there’s a pattern but if so I’m having a tough time gleaning it. Due to their use of a captcha I can’t really write a script to check either.

Any ideas?


So as an update I successfully got tickets. After a few more weeks of watching their site… tickets seem to go up at around 8:30am CDT and seem to be gone, on average, at around 10:30am CDT. The tickets for Nov 23 were available on Oct 24 (a Saturday) but the tickets for Nov 24 weren’t available on Oct 25 (a Sunday) but rather on Oct 26 (a Monday).

In some cases they went up later – at like 10am CDT or so – but they never went up at midnight or 1am.

And sometimes, too, a date would only become available three weeks out. eg. spaces for Nov 16 were only available today, Oct 27, and that’s clearly not 30 days out. So just because no times are listed for the day you’re wanting to go doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be listed later.

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