Can a Brazilian citizen enter the country with a visa on a foreign passport?

I’m a citizen of Brazil and Australia. My Brazilian passport is expired and I’m unable to renew it quickly due to not being up-to-date with my voting obligations.

The procedure to normalise my voting status and renew the Brazilian passport will take a while, but I need to travel urgently to Brazil. Therefore, obtaining a visa on my Australian passport would be a quicker option.

Is there any issue of me requesting a visa and entering Brazil on a foreign passport despite being a citizen?


Manuel, apparently there’s a document called ARB, Autorização de Retorno ao Brasil (“Authorization to Return to Brazil”). I first found it on Wikipedia, then I found it on the brazilian consulate in London website. Sadly, I could not find any link on that subject in a website from brazilian consulate or embassy in Australia.

In short, ARB it is a document valid for a single trip back to Brazil. Once in the country, it will be seized by the authorities and you’ll need to renew your Brazilian passport before leaving the country (or use your Australian one).

I’m sure you can call your nearest consulate in Australia and obtain this document that will allow you to come back to Brazil.

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