Can I use my wife’s savings bank statement for UK Visa?

I am applying for a standard tourist visa to the UK from India. It is a holiday trip with my wife and 2 kids.

I am the main financial provider and will be submitting my bank statements and payslips. I also wanted to submit my wife’s savings account statement as there frequent transactions between our accounts and I wanted to provide it to clarify there is no funds parking and also as additional proof of funds towards our trip expenses, although it is not a lot.

My wife is also employed. My doubt is whether I should declare her employment in her application and submit her savings account statement for that application. Her salary and balance by itself would not be sufficient to cover any expenses.

My concern is if I don’t declare her as employed, the officer will notice the salary credits in her account and may decide that I am not providing the correct information or willfully hiding facts.

Please advise.

Thank you.


Why would you not ‘declare her as employed’?

Your wife will be asked about her employment status on her application, and if you say she is unemployed when she is not that is lying on the application. Lying on an application form can possibly result in a ban from the country.

Submitting your wife’s banking details can only help your situation, even if it is not by itself enough to cover your expenses. Presumably you do have enough between you to cover the cost of the trip and have enough left over for normal life.

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