Can I watch YouTube on a domestic flight from London to Glasgow?

My kids are autistic and there is no way they will stay calm for the short period of traveling from London to Glasgow without YouTube.

I have read an article the other day about high-speed Internet on some airlines that you can stream Netflix (and probably YouTube) during the flight. I can’t seem to find the article but I recall that it was an American airline and British Airways. However, the BA website says nothing about it.

Any idea if such facility exist with any UK airlines?


BA is rolling out a Wi-Fi service which allows streaming (for a fee):

– their goal is to have 90% of their aircraft connected by 2019. Until then, you can’t know for sure if Wi-Fi is available on the specific aircraft or flight. Also, as usual, focus is on long-haul aircraft first.

  • contrary to what some US airlines do, they don’t seem to advertise in advance which flights will or will not have Wi-Fi

  • you can only use it above 10 000 feet, which for a Glasgow-London flight is going to be a quite short period of time, especially once you take out the time to actually connect to the service, pay for it, etc.

  • they aim to deliver 1 Mbps on the “Stream” package, which is quite low and will probably deliver a low-quality experience

  • pricing for the “Stream” package

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