Delayed Eurostar arrival in London, going to miss my connection, what to do?

My Eurostar is scheduled to arrive 30 minutes late in London, and I have an advance ticket for another train to catch, but I’m almost sure I’m going to miss it. What should I do in this case?


In such situations, it is possible (and recommended) to contact the Eurostar personnel during the voyage to have them stamp and sign your ticket to use it as proof. They even announce it (“our personnel will be passing soon, in case you have any questions…”).

Then, if you do miss your train due to this delay, you can show the stamped ticket to the rail company staff and have your ticket amended (e.g. if there’s a later train to the same destination).

Note: I’m posting this because it just happened to me and I didn’t think of asking the Eurostar staff before leaving the train, so when I arrived 5 minutes late for my UK train, I went to ask the rail station staff about it, and only because they were especially forgiving (and after a small sermon) I got it amended. Otherwise, I would have had to recontact Eurostar and spend lots of time discussing with them to have it fixed.

The worst part is that Eurostar’s arrivals time website is completely inaccurate: it listed my train as having arrived 30 minutes earlier than it did, so I couldn’t even use it as proof that I was not lying about my train being late.

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