Do US Taxi cabs come inside the cemetery like this?

I watching US Marshals (1998) movie, Man with green hat hired a taxi and it
dropped him at chapel which is inside the cemetery.

enter image description here


Sure, it’s not uncommon in a large city like New York City, USA, where many people do not own a car and would not have an easy way to get to the cemetary otherwise.

It’s also pretty common to go to historic cemeteries like the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA. There was an article in the newspaper the Washington Post, a story of a Taxi Cab driver who was repeatedly fined for waiting to pick up passengers near the cemetery without a public transportation permit. The story notes that a county permit was needed to pick up passengers anywhere in the county, even within Arlington National Cemetery, which is technically federal property. The Taxi driver did not have that permit, which is the reason why he got fined, not that he could not drive into the cemetery.

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