Extending/changing status after traveling to the USA

Is there anything specifically to be concerned about as a visitor when extending the duration of stay while in the USA? Of particular concern are any repercussions if the extension of stay is denied. Would the visitor have to leave immediately?


With the new policy under the current administration, most immigrants who apply to extend or change status are being put into deportation proceedings immediately the change of status is denied. This was not formerly the case.

A pair of policy memos circulated recently by U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services may pave the way for sudden visa denials and
referrals for deportation, immigration attorneys say.

Basically trying to get a one month visit extended by even two weeks can lead to you being put deportation proceedings immediately the extension is denied.

This started two weeks ago. To err of the side on caution, the recommendation is nobody on visitors visa should apply to extend status unless it is a dire medical condition or something similar. When ones period of stay is up just leave. Getting put in removal proceedings seriously jeopardizes your ability to ever visit again because it is a blot on your immigration record both in the USA and elsewhere.

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