How can I ensure my trip to the UK will not have to be cancelled because of Brexit?

I’ve got a trip planned to the UK in June. Due to brexit, I’m worried what changes may be introduced before my arrival.

I’m traveling on a EU / Polish passport. I’m going for a couple weeks of holiday.

Is there anything I can do right now to make it less likely any changes won’t stop me at the immigration? For example, applying for some tourist visa which does not rely on the EU status?


While there is a huge level of uncertainty about what will happen after Brexit, or even if Brexit will actually occur, guidance for people visiting the UK after Brexit (thanks @MichaelHampton) would indicate that visa free entry for citizens of an EU country (and Switzerland) is built into British law, and not dependent on EU membership. In other words an exit from the EU, whatever the circumstances, does not automatically revoke the visa free rules. They would have to be specifically repealed by Parliament.

This means that you will still be allowed to enter the UK after Brexit unless the British Parliament passes rules to say you cannot. If that were to happen you would hear about it. The likelihood of it happening within the next few months is very small, and the likelihood of it taking effect in the next few months even smaller.

Most travel insurances have specific exclusions against covering ‘government action’. The only thing you could reasonably do to protect yourself against the (very small) chance that Britain votes to prevent foreigners visiting is to buy an insurance that allows you to cancel “for any reason”.

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