How does the UK electronics travel ban affect my travel without check-in luggage?

Tomorrow I’m flying with Pegasus Airlines from Iran to London with a short layover in Turkey. I just noticed that electronics like e-readers are not allowed in carry-on. However I travel without check-in luggage to save money.

According to the UK government website:

Flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and
Saudi Arabia.

You must put all phones, laptops, tablets and ereaders –
and some accessories that can be used with them – in your hold luggage
if they’re larger than any of these measurements:

  • 16cm in length
  • 9.3cm in width
  • 1.5cm in depth (thickness)

My Kobo H2O ereader has the following specs:

  • Width 12,9 cm
  • Depth 0,97 cm
  • Height 17,9 cm

Will I be able to take my reader in carry-on? Or do I have to pay for check in? Or is it possible to leave it with the crew inside the plane?


Every airline has a slightly different procedure for handling the UK Electronics Ban.

Pegasus has a statement on their website which includes :

  1. Transit guests must hand over the electronic devices which are not permitted to be carried on board at the boarding gate of their flights
    to the UK.

I am not familiar with exactly what Pegasus is doing, but most airlines will accept the electronics at the boarding gate, put them into some form of secure/protective packaging, and then carry them in the aircraft hold. On arrival int he UK, the electronics will be made available either at the gate when dis-boarding, or at baggage claim.

The Pegasus staff at either Iran or Istanbul will be able to tell you the exact procedure.

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