Iceland’s Schengen Area situation

Since Iceland is part of the Schengen Area is it possible to travel there by plane from mainland Europe (Schengen Area country) without a passport?

The Schengen Area has abolished passport control between mutual border countries, which would lead me to believe that either every country borders Iceland (ie. you can travel to/from there passport free) or no country has a border with them (ie. there is no point in them being in the Schengen Area).

As there is no passport control between Schengen Area countries, could you fly from say Germany to Iceland with no passport check on arrival in Iceland? I’m assuming you still have to show your passport at security in your departure airport.

The reason I am curious about this is because I live in Ireland (not a Schengen Area country). Another question I have is why isn’t Ireland in the Schengen Area, while Iceland is, seeing as neither country share a land border with a country in the Schengen Area?

Could it be because of Schengen Area visas? For example – is Iceland happy for American Schengen visa holders to travel there freely, while Ireland would rather have them apply for specific Irish visas?


Yes, you can travel between Iceland and other Schengen countries without going through any passport checks. I’ve done this many, many times.

Note, however, that the airline may require a passport (or other Schengen approved travel document) before they’ll let you board the aircraft.

Thus, in practice, you’ll usually want to have your passport along for trips to Iceland.

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