Is a Paraguay multiple-entry visa valid for more than 90 days in total?

I have a friend from Canada that wants to visit me in Paraguay. She might be staying a bit longer than 90 days (maximum stay allowed for tourist visa), and I was curious if it is worth it to suggest that she get a multiple-entry visa.

If a Canadian passport holder has a multiple-entry tourist visa, is she allowed to stay a maximum of 90 days across all of her visits, or is that just the limit per visit?


A multiple-entry tourist visa allows you to enter and stay for 90 days multiple times, until the visa expires. There is usually a minimum waiting time between exit and re-entry, and that is different from country to country. For example, with a Schengen or Russian visa, you can stay 90 days within a 180-day period from your first entry; see also this visa calculator.

I have found a blog post that claims that there’s a 5-day wait period between exit and re-entry for Paraguay, but to be safe, your friend should call the Paraguayan Embassy in Canada to confirm.

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