Is the amount of water going over Niagara Falls very different in September compared to summer?

I am in Maple Shade, New Jersey and would like to visit Niagara Falls, NY (US side) by this month, after which it will get very cold and I would wait till the summer next year.

Will the fall have enormous amounts of water now, like it has during the summers? We are planning to take the Amtrak train to go there as it is 8+ hours drive from here.


My parents just visited Niagara Falls last week (12, 13 and 14 September) from New York, they too visited only the US side. And, one weekend before my parents, my colleague visited their with his family (after his reviews I planned tour for my parents).

So, as told by all of them and after seeing the pictures they have taken, I can assure you that the view at this time is same as seen over google pictures. Level of water and crowd visiting Niagara falls is good enough to make this tour a cherish-able tour. Although my parents has taken 3 days and 2 nights tour (including Washington DC, Philadelphia, Watkins Glen Tour) but they were very much impressed and happy with the Niagara Falls place. If you visit the same by anytime end of October it will be good time for visiting that place.

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