Is there a way to get a visa appointment faster?

I need to travel to Netherlands (business trip) in a month (I live in San-Fransisco, US, not a US citizen). The problem is that when I try to schedule an appointment, the closest appointment I can get is in one and half a month (which makes my trip impossible). The site makes it clear that it is impossible to come and submit the documents without an appointment.

Is there a way to get an appointment faster (most probably by paying additional money to get a “quick appointment”)?


As far as I am aware, most (every?) country has two tracks for visitor visas: normal and emergency. Emergency typically is only granted for death or very serious illness of a close family member (blood relative).

Emergency visa applications

If you or a family member need to visit the Netherlands urgently, you can apply for an emergency visa. To apply for an emergency visa, please contact the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

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