Puerto Rico visa (or visa waiver) requirements for EU citizens

For a short-term holiday visit to Puerto Rico, is a visa, or visa waiver, required for EU citizens? (Finnish citizens, if it makes a difference.)

I’d guess it’s one of these (given PR’s special status as a US territory but not a state):

  1. Like US “proper”, where you’d need the visa waiver / ESTA sorted
    beforehand (pay $14, answer interesting questions about your 1930-40s
    Nazi connections, etc).

  2. Like most Latin American countries, where generally a visa is not required for Europeans (or you can easily get a tourist card upon arrival).


The visa requirements for Puerto Rico are exactly the same as for the USA (source). In other words, as an [Edit] ESTA-eligible citizen (most EU countries, but not all, see here), you ought to, in most circumstances, be able to use a visa waiver for a short term holiday by applying for an ESTA.

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