The 72 hour visa-free transit through China on a dual citizenship

I was reading this helpful guide on transits and read the following in regards to the Pearl River Delta visit from Hong Kong.

Applicants must hold a single citizenship passport; dual citizenship passport holders are not allowed.

Can anybody confirm this? I’ve only seen this here. Don’t have access to Timatic.


PS — In my case the passports are from Spain and the Dominican Republic.


“Dual citizen” in this case means someone who also holds Chinese nationality, as they must hold a mainland passport, Mainland travel permit (for Hong Kongers, Macanese and Taiwanese) or Taiwanese national ID card.

That said, if caught as a dual national, your Chinese nationality is gone, except for those with hukou in Hong Kong (not sure about Macau and Taiwan).
Even there, however, you’re obliged to use a Chinese document

If you’re not a Chinese citizen, this doesn’t apply to you.

So if you have a Spanish and a Dominican passport, you can use your Spanish one to enter visa-free for a 72-hour transit (by air) or to get a 3 or 5-day visa on arrival (by land)

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