Travellers to Massachusetts Who May Be Affected By the Ban, “To Do” Prior to Travelling?

With respect to the Presidential Executive Order: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States and the people affected by it and further to the special case of people travelling to Massachusetts, is there anyone (or organisation) to contact prior to travel that may be helpful in transiting US immigration controls? Publications or guidance from a nationally recognised and accredited legal resource would be welcomed here.

Secondarily, are there any specific documents a traveller should carry with them with a view towards presenting them if need be? Links to specific documents that should be printed out and carried in hand luggage? Seeking qualified and informed answers.

NOTE: Answers to the so-called ‘canonical’ question contain excepts from news stories only. These can be obtained by a simple Google search and provide no clearly defined information of use to an individual traveller. Or in other words, they do not give specific advice to the traveller about how to best prepare for an adverse encounter event with US authorities. The ‘canonical’ question (a collection of news items that simply rehashes a Google search) does not address that problem.


Apart from the above, Solicitor Christi Jackson just gave an interview on BBC World which provides some information for travellers that might be helpful. Citations welcomed. Her colleague, Karnig Dukmajian, also spoke on BBC World earlier today.


Update 4 Feb 2017

The BBC (considered a reliable news source) is running an item stating that the travel ban may be halted. See Trump travel ban: Seattle judge issues nationwide block.

Also, an Immigration Lawyer Has Launched a Website to Help People From Banned Countries Reach the U.S.

“Track the Ban,” which launched Friday and is scheduled to publish its
first list of “green routes” before midnight, aims to be a resource
for anyone navigating this mess. “We’re trying to be very practical,”
said Brunet, who is working with a team of about 30 volunteers to
process the questionnaires people are submitting. “We’re not trying to
change the law—we’re just trying to make things work until this is
figured out.”

Update 31 Jan 2017

The UK Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) is running an advisory in conjunction with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) on their site. The page is being updated on an as needed basis and this answer refers to the latest update 30 Jan 2017 at 13:00.

The advisory is at Latest Update from the American Immigration Lawyers Association on Travel to the United States Ban and contains this text…

Anyone covered by the order who is travelling to Massachusetts is
urged to contact the Massachusetts ACLU. They need details of
travellers in order to apply to have the temporary restraining order
made permanent.

The Massachusetts ACLU obtained a temporary restraining order from the US Federal Court in Boston (Mass) and they have committed themselves to making the order permanent. They are also providing first level support to travellers who are affected including not only preliminary advice but also qualified observers posted at the various ports of entry. Their contact details can be found here.

Those who are travelling to states other than Massachusetts may be able to get help from the Find Your Local ACLU page. All of the affiliate members are offering help of some sort to travellers and would-be travellers.

Additionally, those travellers with a UK solicitor should note that they can contact their solicitor to get a referral to the AILA counterpart. Wesley Gryk Solicitors has been coordinating solicitor referrals.

The advisory also states that travellers to the US (regardless of destination) may wish to print out and carry the relevant publications. Some of these are…

There is also text explaining that US visa applicants should NOT attend their scheduled interviews. This text is allegedly running on US Embassy sites.

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