Travelling to Poland and then UK – Which visa for the latter?

I am travelling from India to Poland for viewing a music concert (Schengen in progress) for 4 days, and then heading to UK for viewing another concert. Which visa should I apply for for the UK visit? Will the Standard Visitor Visa work? I will be applying from India, but going from Poland to UK.

Please read: I will be travelling to Germany in the month of August, the Schengen visa is for that. This trip in question, was planned later. Stay – Poland 3 days, UK – 8 days. This is my first international travel, however I have my family, a stable well paying job, my investments and assets, and most importantly my band here. I believe those are good enough ties to my country. 😀


A Standard Visitor visa is definitely the right visa for being in the audience for a concert — no matter where you’re going before or after. Such a visit is an ordinary touristic purpose, so you should apply for a visa in the same way as other tourists.

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