Two one-way tickets from Sweden to Mexico via the US

I am considering booking two one-way tickets to travel from Sweden to Mexico. I have both Mexican and Swedish citizenship and passports and a B1/B2 US visa valid until 2 years from now in the Mexican passport. I will be travelling on the B1/B2 visa to the US.

  • The first ticket would be from Sweden to the US via Airline A.

  • The second ticket would be from the US to Mexico via Airline B the next day (booked separately).

1) Are there any rules that I might not be aware of preventing this?

2) Am I likely to be refused entry to the US?



  1. No, wou will be admitted, if not for 6 months, then at least for the time needed to catch the connecting flight.

  2. No, with a visa you’re not even required to hold a return/onward ticket. Even if you were to enter visa-free as a Swedish citizen, I myself (being Swedish and a lone young male, i.e. a high-risk traveller) have never been asked to show a return flight confirmation (check-in staff in Sweden, however, would check the electronic ticket record, but again none of this matters seeing as you have a visa)

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