What is the new interview procedure added for people flying to USA?

There is recent news that there is an interview process added for people coming to the USA from other countries.

I am a student studying in the USA. I am going to India in December for vacation and coming back in January. When I come back, what should I expect?


These questions are not extra “customs and immigration” interviews when you get to the US. They are extra questions by the airline before you board your flight to the US, and they apply to everyone coming to the US regardless of their citizenship.

There seems to be some confusion around whether everyone needs to be interviewed and exactly what they’re asked. Here are articles from a Canadian TV Network, and Time USA.

They don’t seem super onerous: did you pack your bags yourself, are you carrying anything for someone else, that sort of thing. But it seems to vary around the world in these first few days of the new setup.

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