What will happen if my flight gets cancelled after my 90 days is up and I am already at the gate?

What will happen if I were to go to the airport on my last day of my Schengen visa, I get to the airport, and my flight is not canceled. I go through security and immigration. I get to my gate and my flight is canceled. Since I am through the gate and immigration am I still in the “Schengen Area”?

And would I be able to go to the main terminal?

What would happen to the exit stamp, since it is then unvalid?


Each airport and airline handles it differently.

I encountered it once and the airline provided accommodation at a nearby hotel. Those of us who could enter the country did so. Those that could not were escorted through immigration in a group and had their passports held. The doorman at the hotel wouldn’t let you out unless you had your passport. The next day we were escorted back to the airport.

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