Combine HTML site with WordPress

I have a website i coded alone with HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery, and I want to add service payment functionality (not e-shop with items, but give clients the ability to submit forms, pay on the website and receive the appropriate services online, so they don’t have to come on-site. I want to use WordPress so I can use the woocommerce plugin, cause I’m feeling that’s a safer option that coding something myself. How can i get my site and woocommerce working together without having to create the website again using plugins? I know that i can add code blocks, but that means I’ll have to keep the title panel on top of the page, and I find that unappealing, and the plugins that exist for removing those aren’t a great solution imo. can someone help?


Per my personal opinion, you can do this by simply installing wordpress and then a basic theme. then installing all you need for your woocommerce. then a link that goes to the woocommerce whenever it needs to go there. It is not really a big deal.

Eg a menu that says buy now with a link to woocommerce and predefined amount. so when the user clicks the buy now button, it goes to woocommerce to continue.

so your website will be in 2 parts. a part for information (Your HTML Site) and a place for interactions (WordPress).

Some websites have similar instances where depending on what you are doing the theme changes.

I however will recommend you go through the pain of doing your whole site on wordpress or simply finding other options to integrate the payments you want to in your current design.

This is for a uniformed design and will make your users/clients feel more secured instead of feeling they are being moved through sites.

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